Should I Sell my Home To A Real Estate Investor In Delaware?

Often, I get asked this question buy sellers. Should I sell my home to a Real Estate Investor In Delaware? Today I would like to dive into this subject and try my best to explain when its best to list your property, and when its best to sell your home to an investor.

We buy Houses in Delaware, sell your house for cash in Delaware etc. These are all terms you have probably heard or seen before and you may wonder what the heck all the fuss is about. I know that I can drive around my local town and see at least a few different signs on the side of the road that say similar terms. The question a lot of people find themselves asking is…are these signs legit? Are there really people out there that will buy my house as-is for cash in Delaware? The short answer is yes! Of course, but there are a few things that you need to consider before calling the number on one of these signs.

First and foremost, a few things you must understand is that not all these we buy houses companies are legit. It is always best to do your own due diligence when dealing with any type of advertisement you see, whether It’s in person or online. There are thousands of people out there who just want to take advantage of you and its always best to deal with a reputable company such as Dynamic Property Solutions.

So, let’s get started! Should I sell my home to a Real Estate investor in Delaware? Well the answer to that question can be tricky. Let me ask you this… How fast do you need to sell your property? Often, most Real Estate investors can close very quickly. The reason behind this is most investors do not need to get financing and can pay all cash. This is very different from dealing with a traditional buyer who can risk taking weeks to get approved for a loan, and in the end, maybe not be approved at all. That can be a very good determining factor when deciding whether to sell your home to an investor or list it with a Realtor.

Another question I would ask someone interested in selling their home to an investor would be…. how much work does your property need? A lot of time investors are out there looking for homes that may need some work, or maybe even substantial amounts of rehab. If you fall into this category it might be a very good choice to sell your house to an investor. I tell you this because most reputable investors will purchase your property as-is. That means you won’t have to lift a finger or do any repairs to the property. In most cases you won’t even have to clear the property out if you don’t want to. This is a very good selling point a Real Estate investor may have that Realtors do not.

So those are just a few of the many different factors that come into play when deciding if it’s a best for you to sell your property to an investor. What I would like to talk about now is when its best to list your property with a Realtor. I get asked all the time… why would someone sell you a property at a discount when they could simply list this property for full market value? My answer is above. How fast does that person need to sell their house? How much work does the property need? When selling to an investor the reason they can purchase your house so quickly, buy the property as-is and pay all cash is because they aren’t paying full market value for your property. Keep in mind that a real estate investors job is to purchase properties which in return can make them money after they fix them up. So, it would be silly to think an investor is going to pay you full market value for your home. Don’t get me wrong, most well-known investors will still make a very fair cash offer on your home, but they also are going to need to make a profit. So, my answer to when its best to list your property with a Realtor is when 1. you don’t need to sell quickly and can wait a few months for your property to sell and 2. when your property is in immaculate condition and doesn’t need any type of repairs or 3. when you can afford to put some money into it to make it market ready.

Another circumstance that make it a good idea to list with a Realtor is when you still have a substantially large mortgage on the property. For example, if the market value on your house is 150k and you still owe 140k on the mortgage, an investor is more than likely not going to be able to pay this off for you to purchase the home. In this case you may have to do some repairs to receive a close to market value price for your home.

In conclusion, not everyone’s situation is going to be the same. The whole purpose of being a real estate investor, in my eyes, is being able to help sellers out of tough situations. If you are in a tough situation, and need to sell quickly, then selling to an investor may be your best choice. However, if your home Is in great shape, you have some time to sit on it and you don’t HAVE to sell it right away, listing with a Realtor is probably going to be your best option. Calling a local Real Estate investor such as myself can point you in the right direction and help you decide which is best for you.

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