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Pay no closing costs, agent fees or commissions

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How Do I Sell My House Fast In Delaware?

The process is simple, stress free and best of all it works!

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Skip The Agent Fees & Sell Your House Hassle Free

Unlike a traditional sale we do not rely on agents or banks to get you cash for your house. Our offers are 100% Free with no Obligation whatsoever.

Gathering details about your situation and condition of your home

So you might be thinking what exactly do we take into consideration when putting together our cash offers? Here are some questions we might ask.

Why are you selling?

What condition is your house in?

Where is your property located?

How much do you want?

How soon do you want to sell?

How soon can we see the property?

The Process Of Selling Your House For Cash Is Quick & Easy

How Do We Come Up With Our Cash Offer?

The process we use is simple. We look at how much the property is worth in Excellent condition, how much money we need to put into it to get it there, and how much money we need to make for our profit. YES! We need to make money too.


A term we use to determine what the property is worth in Excellent condition.

The Rehab Budget

The amount of money we estimate your house needs in order to sell it for our ARV.

Our Minimum Profit

Of course we have to make some profit otherwise we couldn’t stay in business.

The ARV (After Repair Value)

Let’s walk you through the numbers. Lets say we did our research and determine that your properties ARV or After Repair Value is $300,000. This is the price your home could sell for if it was in amazing condition.

The Rehab Budget

After looking at your house and seeing it needs some repairs we determine that we need about $30,000 in rehab budget. That way we know we can get top dollar for it ($300,000 which is our ARV) Following me?

Our Minimum Profit

The project is going to take a few months and a lot of hard work and time so we would like to make $40,000 for ourselves as profit. Of course we need to make profit for ourselves otherwise we would be out of business!

Closing Cost & Fees

While these are not fees you have to worry about, we do have to pay them. Once when we buy your house and again when we sell. This is usually about 10% of the sale price 10% of $300,000 is $30,000

The Math

300,000 ARV – 30,000 (Rehab) – 40,000 (Profit) – 30,000(Closing Cost) = 200,000 (Our Offer)

If We Lost You Somewhere Here Is The Simple Math

Market Value (ARV) – Repairs – Profit – Closing Cost = Our Offer

So What Happens Next?

  • You Accept our offer and we put down our deposit
  • Our Closing attorney will reach out to you within a few days to get some info from you
  • You pick a closing date that works for you
  • We close and you get paid

Yes it is that easy. The benefits of selling your house to us for cash is that you do not have to worry about


Buyers Backing Out


Agent Fees

Paying Closing Costs

Making Repairs

What to Expect at Closing

There are two ways we can close, whichever works best for you :

A standard settlement where all parties are present. You pick the date and time.


A mail in close where you sign and send back the documents by mail.

“This organization is true to its word. Brandon Wallace is fantastic to work with and organized a house purchase deal that was executed flawlessly. I would highly recommend We Buy Houses Delaware.”

Chris R [Magnolia, DE]]

So Why Not Just List And Sell With An Agent?

This completely relies on whether you want to go through the process of listing it, fixing it up, showing it and possibly waiting months for it to sell. If your property is in immaculate shape and you are not in a rush we recommend you do list with an agent. If you are on a time crunch, do not have funds to fix up the house, and just want to sell and be done with the headache, you are at the right place.

Selling To Us Vs Listing With An Agent

Remember when you sell to us you do not have to deal with the headaches of a traditional sale.

Realtor Fees & Closing Cost

Say you sell a $200,000 House. You figure in 6% agent fees, 2% Transfer Tax and 2% Closing Fee. That is $20,000 in fees

Home Inspections

The sale of your home is usually contingent on this. Expect to make repairs or offer a credit to the buyer.

Financing Contingencies

Most buyers won’t have enough cash to buy your home. The sale of your home is contingent on the buyers financing.

No Fees No Closing Costs

When you sell your house to us we cover all closing costs and since there are no Realtors involved no one pays Realtor fees.

We Do Not Get Inspections

There is no need for us to hire a home inspector because we do not need approval by a bank to buy your house.

We Pay All Cash

We do not need to get a loan to buy your house. We use our own cash we already have set aside for this exact reason.

Her House Was A Mess & We Still Gave Her A Great Offer!!

“I had a mess of a house I needed to sell under stressful circumstances and Brandon literally came to my rescue!

Ms. Buckler was surprised when our offer was more than she expected!

“Their offer was more than fair, and more than I expected! If you have a house in Delaware that you need to sell quickly, you won’t regret using this company.”

Margaret B.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Can I still sell to you even if I have already listed with a Realtor?
    We do not typically buy properties that are listed with Realtors because of the fees involved. We would rather you come to us before listing it so we could give you our offer upfront that does not include Realtor fees etc.
  • If I sell my House FSBO do I still pay Closing costs?
    The answer is YES. You will have to pay closing costs as well as 2% Transfer tax. If you sell to us you do not pay any closing costs at all.
  • If we get an offer from you how long is it good for?
    Our Cash offers are usually good for 72hrs from when we send it to you in writing. If you need more time please let us know.
  • How do I know I will get my money after closing?
    We use a well known Real Estate Attorney (Closing Company) to handle all of our closings. By doing this they are a mutual party to both us. They will make sure that everyone is paid at settlement either by a certified check or wire transfer.
  • I looked on Zillow and it shows my house is worth a billion dollars. Is that how much I will get?
    Zillow and other generic sites use a computer to calculate the average prices of homes in a very large area around where your home is located. There is 0 possibility that a system like this can be accurate because it does not take into consideration property condition, specific location etc.

Delaware Cash Home Buyers

We are Cash Home Buyers in Delaware and our main goal is to help sellers get cash for their homes quick and hassle free. Dynamic Property Solutions is a local Real Estate Company who buys houses Fast. If you need to sell your house fast in Delaware we have you covered. With years of experience we have made this process as simple as it can get. With one goal in mind and that is to serve our great Delaware homeowners.

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