5 Reasons Why You Should Skip Hiring an Agent to Sell Your Property in Dover

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Listing and selling with an agent is not always in your best interest. Below are 5 reasons you might choose not to sell with a Real Estate Agent in Dover DE.

Commissions & Fees

Its no secret that Real Estate Agents usually charge a pretty hefty commission to sell your house. Sometimes 6% or more of the total sale price. This can seriously add up. But is it necessary to pay these high fees? Well sometimes it might be worth it, especially if your house is in like new condition. But if its not, you might consider working with a Local Professional House Buyer. Selling your home to a local house buyer like Dynamic Property Solutions cuts out the agent fees. Not only will you skip paying agent fees you actually won’t pay any fees at all. That is right, no closing costs and no fees.


Consider this the grunt work when selling your house. Most agents will at the very least want to come in hire a professional to take photos and drone videos of your home. These are all expenses that you as the seller often pay. Preparing for these photos, videos and future showings will have you doing a lot of cleaning up, putting things away out of sight and possibly even removing items from your home. Not to mention, almost any agent you hire will want you out of the property during showings. Its also a much known fact that properties that are professionally staged will sell 25% faster than those that are not. However, suppose you are not thrilled about the process or prepping, cleaning, staging etc. You can always consult with a local Real Estate Professional to see if you qualify for an all cash offer with them first. They will likely come in, look at the property themselves, and give you an all cash offer without any of the prep work mentioned above.


I want everyone to remember the most valuable asset you can ever have as a person is time. Time is the only thing you cannot get back. When making the decision to sell your house you may, like many other home owners be on a time crunch and need to sell rather quickly. Whether you are relocating, facing a foreclosure, or simply don’t have the time to deal with waiting around hoping to sell. In a situation like this I would highly recommend not listing with an agent. Selling your house on the market with an agent is not a fast process. It can takes months before ever getting to the closing table and often times buyers back out. If you want to sell your house fast in Dover you should talk to a cash buyer first.


Lets be real about this, if your house has not been updated in the last decade its going to need some repairs. Even if it has lets face it, its been lived in and will more than likely need some sprucing up. With the price of materials on the rise and the real life struggle of finding contractors who can get the job done, this is a major issue when wanting to sell your house in Dover. Most home buyers are seeking a ready to move in home that’s like new. The properties selling in Dover are the ones that are in immaculate shape. If your house is not in this condition, these are often the listings that sit and turn stale on the market and don’t sell.

Dynamic Property Solutions

The most important thing you should know when selling your house in Dover is that you have options. It is very important that you talk your options over with a Local Professional like those at Dynamic Property Solutions. A Professional Real Estate Professional will sit down with you and go over real numbers and time frames on all your options you have when selling your home. Before going the traditional route and possibly locking yourself in a long contract for 6 months or longer talk to someone with no strings attached and no obligation at all.

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